Rice Execution Services

The team behind Rice Execution Services has deep roots in complex derivatives, fostering a culture of innovation that allows us to provide our self‐directed and high‐touch clients superior cost‐efficiency on one of the most advanced technological trading platforms.

Non‐Conflicted Electronic Execution

Rice Execution Services offers electronic execution of options for self‐directed online firms. Uniquely, we are not a market maker. Instead, we develop custom algorithmic technology and routing solutions that provide our customers the best execution across all exchanges by:

  • Acting exclusively as an agent for each client
  • Creating competition for our clients’ order flow among all options market makers and execution venues
  • Delivering customized, real-time reporting in best execution and other measurement variables

Rice develops its technology on a client‐by‐client basis to serve the unique needs of each customer. Our customized algos scour the current market landscape as well as historical data, seeking out the  best liquidity sources on the exchange floors and delivering optimized execution solutions. Rice is front‐end agnostic, allowing us to work with a wide range of trading front‐ends and proprietary trading systems.

While our technological capabilities are exceptional, Rice’s people are what truly set us apart from our competitors on the Street. Rice Execution Services is not just a trading machine driven and controlled by computers. Our veteran sales traders are available every day to talk with you one-on-one about your needs and concerns. Because we are small and specialized, each client is extremely valuable to us.  They know they can rely on us for rapid and thoughtful responses to issues and inquiries. 

Electronic Options Execution Contact:
Jay Knopf

High‐Touch Execution

For clients preferring a more hands‐on approach, Rice’s Equity Sales and Trading Desk provides high‐touch order routing and trade execution services in global equities and U.S. options on an agency‐only basis. We offer extensive experience with single stock, program trading, corporate share repurchase, single‐leg and complex options in the majority of the developed, emerging and frontier markets. Rice Execution Services is connected to all U.S. options and equity exchanges, as well as the major dark pools.

High-Touch Equity Execution Contact:
Anthony Armao

High-Touch Options Execution Contact:
Brian Arnott


Customized Analytics

Rice’s ability to conduct daily performance analyses of price improvement, both to inform our customers and to continuously re‐engineer our algorithms to best exploit changing market conditions, is well vetted. Rice has access to extensive current and historic market data, allowing our team to conduct meaningful performance analyses. We provide total transparency into every facet of our clients’ routing and execution activity, producing meticulous, granular intelligence that helps clients achieve their execution and workflow objectives. As an executing broker, Rice Financial provides price improvement statistics via customizable execution reports that give clients real‐time data for analysis of liquidity, cost and performance. Our daily data stream and comparison matrices include the execution of all options, on all markets, by all market makers and liquidity sources.